Hello Parents & Guardians!

We’re looking forward to working with your boys in The Man Cave soon! Before your son attends the workshop we want to give you the following information.

What is
The Man Cave?

A preventative mental health and emotional intelligence charity that empowers boys to become great men. Our workshops provide boys with the critical emotional and social skills they need to lead flourishing lives for themselves, their relationships and their communities.
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Who facilitates
the workshop?

Our workshops are delivered by experts in youth-work and facilitation, who have collectively delivered programs to over 20,000 young people across Australia. Coming from diverse personal and professional backgrounds – including teaching, coaching, psychology, facilitation and consulting – they represent a wide spectrum of the Australian male experience. For this reason, our facilitators are really uniquely placed to connect with a wide range of participants in the workshops which help build empathy, understanding and connections. All facilitators have Working With Children Checks and have been trained in managing mental health challenges. 

What is the outcome
of the workshop?

The outcome of our programs is that a boy has greater self-awareness of himself, his peers & is inspired to move forward by making a positive impact in his world. Using a Rites of Passage Framework, we move boys through the process of deconstructing traditional views of masculinity & social conditioning, challenging them to be authentic & real before allowing them to redefine their personal sense of self & abilities to make positive choices. 
A few words from our head facilitator, David!

How can I support my boy leading up to the workshop?

We want the boys to feel enthusiastic and excited about arriving, not knowing what the day will bring but ready for anything. We suggest: 
  • Asking them how they are feeling about the program but not much beyond that. If they get too many questions from you, it may make them nervous
  • Sharing a story or two from when you were their age as it encourages a space for reflection and acts as an invitation to share

How can I support my boy on the day of the program?

It’s best if you act supportive of your boy and don't make too much of a big deal of the day. If he is anxious or concerned, simply support him and assure him that he won't be asked to do anything he doesn't want to. Supporting them by encouraging them to be themselves will provide a space for them to grow through these workshops during some of the most formative years of their lives.

How can I support my boy after the program? 

We suggest going gently with your son after the program. It’s likely he will take a few days to make sense of and integrate the experience with us. Keep in the mind the following: 
  • Ask questions, be curious but don’t push him too much
  • Give him time and space to share 
  • Understand he is now shifting his relationships to his peers. Don’t take it the wrong way if he doesn’t want to share with you
  • Knowing he can talk with you about anything, without ramifications (psychological safety), will be plenty for him, for now​

For more information...

Please visit our website www.themancave.life
Or drop us a line at hello@themancave.life

"Today was really good because I felt like I wasn't alone in what's going on in my life, and I learnt a valuable thing — always speak up."

Year 8 Boy

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