The Art of Engaging Boys - In Person

Upcoming Dates

This fully immersive 1 Day workshop is run at various times throughout the year.

We share the theory, tools and mindsets that our world-class facilitators use in our impactful programs so that you will be empowered to continue the magic as you engage with them.

Our next scheduled programs are:

Victoria: September 1st 2021

NSW: September 9th 2021 TBC

"Very engaging and informative on tips and tricks for engaging with boys"

"A chance to understand how best to connect with boys and feel empowered to make a difference in their lives"

"What an amazing experience this course has been. Not only to apply it to my students but also in everyday life. Honouring, setting values and even doing the icebreakers. Keep up the great work. It has been a blast!"

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